What Makes a Good Essay Great?

Essay writing has become the most widely used method of assessment in higher education in the UK, but few students still understand what makes a good essay into a great essay. This is one of the reasons why essay writing services in the UK have proliferated in recent years, and we are going to briefly show you what professional assignment writers tend to do when writing great sample papers.

  1. Focus on the Structure

Learning how to structure a good essay is of paramount importance when trying to create a great essay and this is something that top quality assignment writers and essay writing services in the UK will focus on first and foremost. A good structure will include a clear beginning, middle and end, but might also involve subheadings, and a coherent structure within paragraphs and sentences.

  1. Use High Quality Sources and Referencing

In order to pick up some extra marks, it is also important to use high quality sources, such as articles from peer-reviewed academic journals, academic books, government reports and perhaps articles from broadsheet newspapers if relevant. Avoid Internet sources such as blogs and websites that are not from reputable sources. In addition, the referencing guidelines for your essay should be adhered to strictly. While the placement of periods and the listing of the publisher might seem unimportant or even pedantic, it is not to the essay assessor, and these are easy marks to pick up.

  1. Keep Opinions Out of It

It is also important to keep your essay objective and to back up any assertions with reference to previous studies. The purpose of an essay is not to demonstrate your uninformed opinion, but to critically analyse previous studies, and to form conclusions based upon this research. What essay writing services in the UK do is to provide high quality, unbiased and objective sample papers that do not include the personal opinions of their assignment writers, but instead offer a review of the knowledge base of a particular subject. So keep your opinions out of it, and your good essay will already be heading towards being a great essay!

  1. Become a Better Writer

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of making a great essay is that of producing a high standard of writing and this is something that only comes with practise. In order to be a better writer, you must understand the intricacies of English grammar, build an extensive vocabulary and be creative in the use of your vocabulary. However, by using essay writing services in the UK and studying the sample papers of assignment writers, it is possible to improve quickly – if you are willing to put the hours in!

So, if you want to turn a good essay into a great essay, then it is important to get the structure right, to use high quality sources and references, to keep your opinions out of the piece, and to improve your standard of writing in general. Good luck!

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