Top Slime Trends That You Should Know

If you have still not heard of slime or have seen a single slime video then chances are that you are living under a rock! Slime is the hottest trend currently on all popular social networking channels. Whether it is Instagram or YouTube or Pinterest, you can find so many accounts where somebody is unwrapping, poking, squishing, stretching, folding, and even prodding slime. One look at one such video and you can be hooked onto slime for life.

Here are some major trends that can give you a perspective on how popular slime has become in today’s world.

Slime Making Kits

For anything to become a merchandize, there has to be a big potential in terms of market. Only if you have buyers for something homemade, you can turn it into a merchandize. This is exactly what has happened with slime.

Many corporates have identified the growing fascination with slime and have come out with their own slime making kits. So now people don’t have to worry about how to make slime. They can just buy one of the slime making kits available in the market and just follow the instructions to make their own ball of goo.

Young Slime Sellers

A lot of high school kids have started making their own slime and sell it online. Their online accounts present them as slime makers and sellers. These kids deal online and sell their slime to make some money for themselves.

Slime Videos as Money Spinners

A lot of young slimers – as they are often called – have thousands of subscribers or followers of their account. They are constantly getting new people following them just to see them make, poke, and prod slime. These accounts have become real money spinners.

Some accounts have tie ups with slime kit companies who pay them to promote their product during the video. However, the buck just doesn’t stop there. These accounts also promote video games and other stuff which is popular with the digital generation. The higher the number of followers or subscribers, the higher is the payment made for a promotion ad.

Thus, it is safe to say that slime videos have made many accounts money makers!

Slime in Therapy

An interesting trend that is being observed is that many therapists have started turning to slime as an object to be used during their sessions. During a regular workday they come across patients who are suffering from stress and hypertension. They sit with a lot of people who are looking for ways to release their emotions and calm down their nerves. These people are often spending an increasing amount of time working on their laptops. They are also making an excessive use of smartphones. What such an increased screen time does is that it exposes their body to only one kind of sensation that is felt by touching a smartphone screen or by typing away on the keyboard. So, therapists give them a ball of slime and ask them to just do whatever they want with it. They can poke, pull, squish, stretch, fold – just do anything with slime.

This gives their body an opportunity to experience different sensations and clams down their nerves. It also gives them an ASMR relief which is satisfying enough for the brain and body to feel relaxed and at ease.

Different Types of Slimes

There was a time when slime was just a transparent gooey stuff. But now it has evolved into something that has different types and forms. Nowadays, people are coming up with slime that is:

  • Colourful
  • Glittery
  • Fluffy
  • Jiggly
  • Fragrant
  • With clay

As if this was not enough, there are variations where the slime has a sci fi affect. In some cases, it comes alive. In some it just changes colour. Then there are other options where the slime looks like crystalline jelly or like bubble wrap.

Every single day, the young slimers are experimenting with the new ingredients to do something different with their slime.

Sound of Slime

As if just the texture and look of slime was not enough, many people are coming up with slime that makes sound. Even the sound of slime is turning out to be quite popular now.

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