Top Android Apps to get Job Updates

Well, the moment students pass from their respective colleges, they start searching for jobs according to their caliber. It is here that I have compiled the following list of the top Android Apps to get job updates so that their journey of systematically creating a positive, conducive and favorable situation turns out to be smooth, easy, quick and above all hassle free:-


Well, who doesn’t have LinkedIn profile? Well, the answer is everyone has. Yes, whether you are working professional or an aspirant, the sheer craze, popularity and utility of the site is simply awesome. It makes your ‘job search’ quicker and speedy. As you create a profile, you infact get in touch with professionals and recruiters who are looking for experienced and dedicated people like you.

Resume is said to be the most obvious trait which earmarks all your qualifications and achievements in a paper. So, the moment you upload your résumé on Android app namely, your search starts right there and then. You can search according to your needs through the option of “filter” according to your location, experience and industry? Similarly, you get connected with potential clients, companies and professionals by giving much needed visibility to your resume over a larger background.

Do you aspire to get into the shoes of your friend/relative or acquaintance who has just ‘got’ the dream job? Well, don’t wait any further. As TimesJobs will make it the reality. You just have to search from hundreds of thousands of jobs according to your caliber. Yes, the popularity of the site can be better understood where before applying, you can actually check the ratings of the companies which will help you decide further. Similarly, you can also get updates based on the salary you expect along with the work experience you hold.


It is the dream for any person to get to know about the functioning of a specific organization prior to applying. Isn’t it? Now, the app actually helps you on this front where additionally you get reviews to further help you.

My Resume Builder

Well, do you know that a “great resume” can actually speed up your chance of bagging the best position in the industry? Well, yes. This is where My Resume Builder actually creates a positive difference by filling all the required details and making them in order by finally converting into PDF. The best thing is that there are whopping ten different formats to choose according to your taste.

This app is like an educational blog where users can get all the jobs updates at their finger tip. All the latest job updates will be posted in specific category, so you can easily check the desired one. It is available for free on their site as well as google play store.

Final words

I am sure, I am able to help you out with the Top Android Apps to get Job Updates

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