Studying technology the right way

Most Colleges specialize in providing an array of degree programs that strike a balance between the traditional academic methods and the professional training curriculum . They also provide a hands-on experience coupled with a “career-first” ideology that gives the students the opportunity to begin their study in their chosen major, the programs are designed to deliver the type of knowledge and skills employers commonly demand for. The NYC college of technology provides a degree curriculum that is  defined in terms of four semesters over sixteen months .


Informative Background

The NYC College of Technology provides courses o the Health Information Technology (HIT) which caters to the student’s need of a comprehensive learning curriculum and unites  the ever increasing arena of health care  along with the emerging sector of information technology. The course prepares the students to evolve as an integral member of the health information management business.

The course in details

The course teaches the students to

  • To organize, analyze and technically evaluate health information
  • To compile various administrative and health statistics
  • To maintain and use health information indexes
  • To facilitate storage and retrieval of health data
  • To utilize computerized health data
  • To control the use and release of health information.
  • To Discuss ethical, legislative and regulatory issues related to the daily operations of the health data in the real-world curriculum

The course certifies that if a student is able to complete the program successfully then he or she will be able to use the needed and perfect strategies that are timely required for the ever so changing informational needs ofthe patients, health care providers, researchers, and educators by showing  the ability to:

  • Collect, tabulate, compute and prepare several statistical reports required for the use of the medical staff, administration, governing board and authorized agencies.
  • Code clinical data to help in research and other reporting purposes.
  • Perform review of health information of patients to provide better care evaluation, quality improvement, and utilization management.
  • To properly apply the ethical and legal principles and standards for the control and decide when to release and use health information.
  • Use computers to store the primary and secondary data, to process the necessary information for the proper working of the payment systems and to perform a wide range of other data analysis projects.
  • Perfectly pass the industry certification exams with flying colors.

The desired outcomes

The NYC College of Technology trains their graduates to be experts in the field of analytics .They secure the career of their graduates in the sphere of data analysis, statistical research and in the arena of reporting which includes works like the lab research assistants and the lab research interns .The Graduates are also taught to use their skills  in the background of a clinical setting which consists of the works as a medical coder or patient care evaluation expert and medical records keeper and data management specialist. To have a proper knowledge of the institute it is advised that you go through the brochure before taking admission in a course within the space of this institute.

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