Questions To Ask The Lawyer Helping With Your Workers Compensation Claim

Before you hire a worker’s compensation lawyer there are a number of questions that you need to ask them.  These questions should be asked during your initial consultation with the lawyer which should be free.  It is very important that you ask these questions before you hire the lawyer to ensure that they will be able to handle your compensation claim.

Their Experience

The first questions you need to ask will relate to the lawyer’s experience with workers compensation claims.  You need to find out how many years they have been handling compensation claims.  You also need to find out how much of their practice is devoted to worker’s compensation.  The more experience that your lawyer has in the field the better it will be for your case.

While knowing their general experience is important, you will also need to find out their experience with cases similar to your own.  If the lawyer has never handled a case similar to your own then there might be some issues that they are not aware of.  It is better to have a lawyer that knows how to handle a case like yours.

Who Will Be Handling The Case?

Once you know about the lawyer’s experience you need to find out if they are actually going to be handling the case.  When you contact law firms you will often speak to a partner who may not actually handle the case.  The case could be passed to a legal assistant or a paralegal and you need to know if this is the case.  

If your case is going to be handed to someone else then you need to find out about their experience.  There is no point in hiring a law firm based on the experience of the lawyer that you talk to if they are not going to be handling your case,  At this point, you should also find out how you can get in contact with the person who would handle your case.  When you need to contact your lawyer, will you be able to speak to them or will you need to speak to a legal assistant?

How Many Of Their Cases Are Settled Out Of Court?

While most workers’ compensation claims are settled outside of court, there is always a chance that you may have to go to court and you need a lawyer that can back you up on this.  It is important that you have a lawyer that will not be scared to take your case to court if this is your only option.  Lawyers that settle all of their cases could be nervous about going to court and this could result in lower settlement amounts.  

What Are The Costs?

If you feel that a lawyer has all the credentials you need to represent your claim then you need to find out what the costs will be.  Most workers compensation lawyers like Lennon Mazzeo Lawyers work on a no win no fee basis.  However, there are others that will charge fees for some of the work which needs to be done and you need to find out about any additional fees.

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