Online Florida Fire Officer 2 Classes

You’ve decided to take your career in the Florida fire services to the next level, which as a Fire Officer 1 is Fire Officer 2. Now you just need to knuckle down and get that course work done. If you’ve chosen to do it online, you’ll have the advantage of being able to do it in your own time, fitting it in around your busy life.

There’s no doubt that online courses offer a great deal of flexibility in today’s world of learning and it’s no different in the fire services. Online courses level the playing field when it comes to educational opportunities by making courses available to everyone, regardless of location or lifestyle. It’s a win win situation.

When it comes to Florida Fire Officer 2 classes there are a number of component modules that you are required to take. Each module consists of 45 hours in total and one unit, FFP2741 Course Design, includes an 8-hour classroom session. The component units you’ll need to take include:

·        FFP2741 Course Design

·        FFP1505 Prevention Practices

·        FFP1540 Private Fire Protection Systems

·        FFP2811 Tactics and Strategies II

Additionally, you’ll be required to attend a Florida Statewide Emergency Response Plan (SERP) Class.

FFP2741 Course Design

This course teaches you how to plan and implement successful training plans. At the end of the course you’ll be able to design courses and lessons that will meet desired performance, learning and behavioral goals. You’ll also learn about adult and student-centered learning theories. The total course is 45 hours and includes e-learning with an 8-hour classroom session.

FFP1505 Prevention Practices

This 45 hour e-learning course covers a range of topics including the construction, uses, maintenance, and inspection of fire protection and detection systems. You will become familiar with a number of different types of common fire protection, detection, and extinguishing systems. You’ll also learn about inspection practices and gain an appreciation of why these are done the way they are. Additionally, the role of the Fire Prevention Bureau is discussed with a view to creating an understanding of the activities of this department.

The course also covers fire hazards, behavior and causes as well as building construction types and how the different structural features of buildings affects fire behavior, fire load and flame spread.

FFP1540 Private Fire Protection Systems

Course FFP1540 is a 45-hour e-learning module that expands on the various types of fire protection systems, their construction, maintenance requirements, and uses.

FFP2811 Tactics and Strategies II

This 45 hour e-learning course is specifically aimed at officers who will be in charge of directing fire and emergency operations involving large resources of personnel and equipment. The course covers issues such as logistics, strategy, effective use and co-ordination of multiple fire and emergency aid resources, and conflagration control. It includes case histories for illustrative purposes.

SERP Class

The Florida Statewide Emergency Response Plan (SERP) Class is an in-person session that presents the Florida SERP, an emergency incident plan designed by the Florida Fire Chief’s Association (FFCA). Topics covered during this one-day session include the requesting, deployment, and monitoring of local and state mutual aid resources during emergencies as well as the effective management of post-incident investigations.

These Florida State Fire College approved Fire Officer 2 classes are available through Ricky Rescue Training Academy. The courses are all self-paced, open enrolment courses that can be completed online in your own time. Contact us for more information about these and other FSFC approved online courses.

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