Five reasons why MBA Programs are failing in the year 2017

Most of the people who get their bachelor’s degree, regardless of any field, choose MBA as their next step in their academic career. The MBA is becoming cliché and almost every person who is either a professional or still doing his studies are getting an MBA degree. That is why being an MBA is now not as charming as it used to be for the company.

That is not the only reason. There is a list of reasons that make MBA as a failing degree program in 2017 which would require a bigger article to contain. However, I decided to choose only five from the list of those reasons and going to write down in the next lines.

  1. Internet:

On the one hand, where the internet is helping the students to get access to information easily, it is also destroying all the value of the MBA. Due to the internet, those days are gone when students have to get themselves enrolled in the colleges and universities of brick and mortar which was keeping the standards of the MBA. But now due to online colleges, universities and unlimited opportunities to get life experience degrees¸ getting MBA degree has become a lot easier that even the companies do not find anything fancy whenever an applicant apply for the job interview,

  1. Degrees and Expertise:

Because almost every college and university is now providing the MBA degree, which is why the quality of this degree is getting compromises. Now there are very few business schools who hire quality teachers who have enough practical experience in their respected industry that they can teach students enough skills which are required for the professional work. But, most of the colleges and universities are only providing the degrees without any skills which is another reason why MBA programs are failing in 2017.

  1. Cost of the MBA:

There are two types of cost that students are bearing. One is the ever increasing tuition fee of the colleges and universities and the second one is the return of this degree. The amount which is required to invest in this degree program is much higher than what the students are going to earn through it. That is why people with the right knowledge is not recommending MBA to anyone in 2017.

  1. Business Research:

The amount of business research that used to be required for getting an MBA degree has become much less. The MBA is all about business and the factors which involve in it. That is why to understand the market and business better, the students of the MBA used to do business research at a massive level, which helped them a lot to build a solid career. Due to this, the quality of the MBA students is at its lowest.

  1. MBA vs. Entrepreneurs:

Another factor which killed the MBA degree programs is the increasing trend of entrepreneurship. The companies instead of hiring the MBA degree holder who is trained to work under the corporate driven environment and limited mindset, they are hiring young entrepreneurs who are more energetic and keen to build a new business unit for the companies instead of managing the old ones.

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