Financial Recruiters Help Protect Your Big Hire

The finance industry is one of those sectors where a big hire can mean a big deal; proven talents and rising stars can mean the difference in millions to a firm, so it’s no surprise that there’s fierce competition to hire experienced industry leaders. It’s not often that a candidate of this calibre becomes a free agent, so when you have the opportunity to recruit them into your organization, it’s important that you make sure you can seal the deal and stave off inevitable counter offers.

One of the best practices for defending your big hire against counter offers is to work through with the financial recruiters Toronto finance firms turn to when they want they want to land their big fish. Headhunters like the Toronto-based firm IQ Partners are not just there to screen entry-level applicants, they are also experts in moves like the lateral hire that require personal skills and an intimate knowledge of what drives the moves talent makes. You can rely on them not only for advice on new standards in retention strategies and hiring practices, but also to keep their eyes to the ground and find out those industry stars who are contemplating a move.

In order to understand how to prevent counter offers, it’s best to understand where they come from, which is usually the company where the candidate already have a position. However, there’s a reason they became dissatisfied with their position in the first place and you need to assure them that making the move to your firm is going to fulfill the desires that drove them to make a move in the first place.

#1 Keep Talking – Keep the lines of communication open once your candidate has accepted the offer, since this is a crucial time during which counter offers are most likely to arrive to entice them into staying. By staying in touch, you can even begin the process of integrating them into the firm, in addition to communicating all of the benefits their new position entails.

#2 Ask – Ask them whether or not they would consider a counter offer; they will more than likely answer honestly. That way you can plan accordingly in case you still wind up having to fill the position, or you can strategize a further counter if they are one of those unicorn candidates that you simply have to have.

#3 Understand Their Wants – This is why you hire a recruiter like IQ Partners: so that you have someone who can speak openly with big hires and understand what they truly want from a new position. The recruiter can help inform you on how to solve the candidate’s pain points with their current role and make sure they see the move as a chance for growth and an improvement over their old position, despite moves from their current company. Any firm that needs help filling financial positions in Toronto should turn to a recruiter with experience finding talented people for mid-career and senior management roles where talent has big stakes. The finance industry has some of the best benefits of all sectors in North America, so it’s important that you can compete in this field in addition to salary and flexibility. Headhunters know what talented candidates are already getting, what they expect, and what it’s going to take to convince them to make a risky jump. When you’re bringing in a new star, depend on people who understand the intricacies of such a delicate manoeuvre.

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